Test and Tag Equipment

Our professional PAT systems test all types of electrical appliances including 3-phase equipment. It fully databases all test results and provides a variety of detailed test results. There are few testers like these on the Australian market at the moment which also fully database three-phase tests, therefore eliminating any human error.

A unique timesaving feature is to cleverly test both an IEC lead and a computer tower or monitor at the same time and produce 2 separate ID tags, this reduces testing time and time pulling leads in and out. These machines are built to military standard and are lightweight, a great advantage for moving around in confined areas.

The AlphaPAT has not only all the latest technology but also should the Standard change in the future, which is highly likely, all the settings on it are completely changeable. Therefore the equipment will grow as the Standard grows and you will not be left with a tester which will not perform the required tests.

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Tag Printer Consumables

Tougher vinyl labels that our competitors to suit harsh conditions of building sites & factory floors:

  • Heavy Duty Vinyl Labels (500 per roll)
  • Clear Vinyl Overlays (500 per roll)
  • Light weight labels (500 per roll)
  • Full resin carbon ribbons (prints approx 1500 labels)
The printers not only print a Pass label, but also print a Fail label as required (separate purchases are not required).
Test And Tag Equipment Label

Test And Tag Equipment Labels


  • Most advanced tester on the market
  • Light weight (3kg)
  • Superfast
  • Easy to use
  • Wireless
  • Wifi and 3G connectivity
  • 2D barcoding capabilities
  • Predictive text
  • And much more

AlphaPAT 3-phase package:

  • Metrel AlphaPAT MI2142 Portable Appliance Tester - 1 year warranty
  • Earth Bond Clip and IEC Lead
  • Barcode Scanner - 1 year warranty
  • Intermec PC4 Thermal transfer vinyl tag printer 1 year warranty
    OR Printek small battery operated thermal direct printer
  • Roll of Labels and Ribbon
  • All connecting cables and connections
  • SimplyPats comprehensive software Version 5
  • Metrel A1018 3-Phase Clamp - 1 year warranty
  • Custom-made bag for this unit
Test And Tag Equipment  
AlphaPAT package with PC4 printer  

3-Phase Testing Leads

3-Phase testing leads can be made up if required.

  • 20amp 4-5 pin lead
  • 32amp 4-5 pin lead

Test And Tag Equipment Label

RCD Tester

  • Metrel SmarTec RCD/Loop/Line tester
  • Downloadable SmarTec software

The RCD has all the features required to fully test an RCD to the requirements of the Standard AS/NZS3760 and has a two year warranty.

Test And Tag Equipment Label

RCD Tester

Isolation Transformer

For use the RCD tester.

Microwave Leakage Detector

Easy to use digital meter detects radiation leakage in microwave ovens

Test And Tag Equipment Label

Microwave Leakage Detector

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